Boyce Agency LLC


About Boyce Agency LLC. Investment Group

Boyce Agency LLC. Investment Group is a innovative company, comprised of an expert team with years of industry experience in providing business owners with an alternative source of financing.  As both a direct source of funding with in house funders that concentrate on specific industries/business, while also having numerous funding partners within the MCA industry who fund our "outside-the-box" deals.  Our relationships with our MCA industry partners allow us to get the impossible deals done, and our commitment to our clients ensures that every possible avenue is fully explored.

Helping More Businesses

We've helped more than 20,000 American business get the capital they've needed when they've needed it, in order to grow, strive, and succeed.  That's why more than 1/3 of our clients go on to become repeat customers.

A Personal Touch

While banks see small business owners' worth on paper, we get to know our customers as individuals. Because our veteran funders partner with our clients on a more personal level, more of our merchants grow and succeed.

Here for the long haul

While a spate of "here today, gone tomorrow" competitors might be banging down your door to offer funding, keep in mind that almost none of them will be around for long.  We're one of the oldest because we're one of the best.